Take that-back for good


CAPO III (chords relative to the Capo) 

Intro : D Em G A 

       D      Em          G   A     D      Em     
        I Guess now it's time to give up 
                      G    A               
        I feel it's time 
              F                  Em                 
        Got a picture of you beside me 
               G                  A       
        Got a lipstick mark still on 
                    D    Em                 
        your coffe cup 
            G   A                         
        Oh yeah 
               D             Em     
        Got a fist of pure emotion 
               G                 A         
        Got a head of shattered dreams 
               Bm             Bm/A             
        Gotta leave it, gotta leave it 
              G        A                           
        now behind now 
      _     D              Em               
     |  Whatever I said, whatever I did I 
     |         G                                 
     |  didn't mean it 
     |         A                   D               
   C |  I just want you back for good 
   H |             Em              G         
   O |  Want you back, want you back, want you back 
   R |        A                                           
   U |  for good 
   S |      D                Em                             
     |  Whatever I'm wrong just tell me 
     |                     G                     
     |  the song and I'll sing it 
     |             A              D               
     |  You'll be right and understood 
     |               Em            G      A                       
     |_ Want you back, want you back for good 
        D     Em        G    A                         
        Unaware but figured I falled out 
             D           Em                 
        The story , no , no 
               G            A               
        It want good , no , no 
                   D            Em         
        But in the corner of my mind I 
        A             D    Em                         
        Celebrated glory 
                  G          D             
        But that was not to be 
               D             Em           
        In the twist of separation you 
           G               A               
        Excelled at being free 
        Can't you find, can't you find a 
               Bm/A            G    A                   
        little room inside for me 

        Gmaj7           D/F#   Gmaj7             D/F#           
        And we'll be together, this time is forever 
        Em                      D/F#                           
        We'll be fighting and forever we will be 
                Bm          Bm/A                               
        So complete in our love 
                Gmaj7                 A                       
        We will never be uncovered again 




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